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Deutsche Welle Skandal - Sayed Amin Behrad berichtet über die Situation in Afghanistan

We a group of DW local employee are talking from Afghanistan, a country under the Taliban sovereignty.

It has been four months that everything has stopped in this country. After coming Taliban there is no freedom, no free media, no human rights, no women rights, no music, no concert, no cinema, no civil society activities, no work, no job, in one word, no life. just panic is the only thing that governing over the country. After Taliban victory more than hundreds free media has stopped. The majority of the media staffs have escaped from the country or living hidden. Women have not been permitted to go to their jobs. And The only thing that is seeing, is the disfigured appearance of armed men in different parts of the city. You just can see the long beards with long and dirty hairs. Field trials continuing, the former government solders killing is strongly continuing and everybody trying to flee from the country. Amnesty is a big lie. Those countries which were working in Afghanistan after coming Taliban evacuated all their local employee or trying to escape them. But only group that ignored and neglected are a number of DW radio Afghanistan section local employee. Each of them multi time has tried to get touch with officials of DW, but no body answered them. Sayed Karim Jawid is one of them. He has worked with DW as a freelance reporter from 2007 to 2014. “I sent several emails to DW but did not receive positive answers. I and my family continuously change our place of stay in Kabul, Bamyan and other provinces and we live a difficult and stressful life. In addition to the security challenges, joblessness and high prices are other threats to our lives. I cannot look for job in the government or NGOs due to my professional history.” He said. Jawed with his four children are facing with difficulties in the cold winter of Afghanistan. Saber yousofi is another employee of DW. He worked about tow decade in a dangerous provenance like Kunduz. Kunduz was one of the most insecure provinces the last two decades. He said:“I have worked from 2004 to 2019 for about 16 years. During these time I have provided hundreds report regularly for this radio in deferens fields. My reports have been broadcasted and published by this radio. After the fall of Afghanistan by the Taliban I am in very bad situation. Although I have emailed to the Dari and Pashto section of DW several times. And also I emailed to the Mr. peter Limburg director general of DW and others responsible of this radio, explaining my situation and ask them to help me. But I did not receive any response.” Nabi Asir is the elder of our colleagues in Afghanistan, in the last years he suffers from heart sickness. Now he is in a worst health condition. He should have been helped. But unfortunately he was ignored and his illness was also ignored. Asir says: “I am Nabi Asir I have worked as a local reporter with DW from 2004 to 2020. In these times I prepared about thousand reports for DW. But on 15 August when the Taliban toke the control of the country, I repeatedly applied to help me but no one payed attention about my demands.” Jawad Alawi also has been working as freelance correspondent with DW between 2012 and 2015. He has worked in Ghor province another insecure province of Afghanistan. Alawi also was the human right reporter as well in the Ghor province. He said: “during my work with DW I focused on women rights, children learning rights and specially on girls learning rights. Du to this, I am concerning to be prosecuting form the Taliban.” At the end I am Sayed Amin Behrad the former freelance correspondent of DW in Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan. I have also neglected by DW official authorities. I have emailed many times to the high ranking official of DW but they did not answer me yet. Sayed Amin behrad Kabul

Autor: Sayed Amin Behrad

Radio: coloradio Datum: 21.12.2021

Länge: 06:17 min. Bitrate: 192 kbit/s

Auflösung: Mono (44100 kHz)

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