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Journalisten in Afghanistan 3: Deutsche Welle ignoriert Hilferufe -

This is Mohammad Saber Yousufi, the former reporter and correspondent of Deutsche Welle Radio Afghanistan section.

I have worked with Deutsche Welle radio from June 2004 until 2019 for about 16 years. During these times I have provided hundreds of reports regularly for this radio in deferent fields and my reports have been published by Deutsche Welle radio. After Islamic republic of Afghanistan was collapsed by the Taliban, I contacted the Afghans officials of Deutsche Welle radio in Germany as soon as possible, but they did not respond to me. After that I emailed Mr. Florian Weigand on 22 August 2021 former head of Afghan service in Deutsche Welle but he told me that I am not head of Afghan service anymore. I send your request to the new management Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi ( Head of Dari Pashtu) and Saifullah Masood (deputy) and then I emailed to Ms. Waslat Hasrat Nazimi the current Head of Dari Pashto section in Deutsche Welle,but she did not respond to me at all. Also I have emailed all my colleagues in Deutsche Welle in Dari Pashto section on 22 August 2021 but they didn’t respond to my email. Because living conditions became harder for us day by day because we worked with Deutsche Welle and the people who were working with foreign organisations were under the security pressure So we were in a bad situation and I sent an email to Mr. Peter Limbourg director general of Deutsche Welle on August 30 explaining my situation and asking him to help us for evacuating from Afghanistan , but I did not receive a response from him. After that I emailed Mr. Christoph jumpelt, cooperate spokesperson of the director general of DW and send him all my Deutsche Welle documents on 28 August, and he responded me by a short email on 4th October 2021. He mentioned that: All requests for evacuation from Afghanistan to Germany have to be addressed directly to the German foreign Office at this time. Regrettably, Deutsche Welle can no longer add any applications to this process. And he mentioned to me the German foreign office web page. I desperately went to the website , the website mentioned the employer of the German organisation should acknowledge that you were an employee of that office. For the past four months, I and my colleagues have been experiencing difficult situations, the days have passed slowly as if time has stopped, را life in hiding and fear is hard and difficult. We are always replacing our addresses. We are really at risk and bad situation.

Autor: Mohammad Saber Yousufi

Radio: coloradio Datum: 19.12.2021

Länge: 03:11 min. Bitrate: 230 kbit/s

Auflösung: Mono (44100 kHz)

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