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Journalisten in Afghanistan: Deutsche Welle ignoriert Hilferufe - Sayed Amin Behrad berichtet über die Situation (Eng.) | Untergrund-Blättle




Journalisten in Afghanistan: Deutsche Welle ignoriert Hilferufe - Sayed Amin Behrad berichtet über die Situation (Eng.)

I am Sayed Amin Behrad, the former freelance reporter of DW Radio Afghanistan section.

I worked with DW radio from January 2008 to Jun 2018. I provided hundreds of reports for this radio in various fields, in those ten years. After Islamic republic of Afghanistan was collapsed by the Taliban, I contacted the Afghans officials of DW radio in Germany as soon as possible, but they did not respond to me at all. After that I emailed Mr. Florian Weigand director for the Afghan section of Deutsche Welle on Wednesday August 18th 2021. But he never has responded to me yet. When the pressure of the security situation in Afghanistan was increasing on the people who were working with foreigner organizations, I desperately emailed with a PDF certificate of DW to Mr. Peter Limbourg, director general of DW on 30 August 2021 for urgent help. But on 4 October 2021 someone by the name Christoph Jumpelt, corporate spokesperson of the director general responded to me by a short email. I quote it directly here. Dear Sir All requests for evacuation from Afghanistan to Germany have to be addressed directly to the German Foreign Office at this time. Regrettably, DW can no longer add any applications to this process. And he mentioned to me the German foreign office web page. I desperately went to the website. The website mentioned the employer of the German organization should Acknowledge that you were an employee of that office. Subsequently I sent a message to Ms. Nabila Karimi Alkozay a current employee of DW radio Afghanistan section in Germany to her Facebook. She promised me, unclearly, that well help us. But nobody has not asked me till now. It has been four months that me and my colleagues are living in Afghanistan under the threat and fear of the Taliban. We are always replacing our addresses and living hidden. Now We don’t know what destiny is waiting for us.

Autor: Sayed Amin Behrad

Radio: coloradio Datum: 17.12.2021

Länge: 03:00 min. Bitrate: 192 kbit/s

Auflösung: Stereo (48000 kHz)

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