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2020-11-08 07:12:23






Elephant in the Room - Interview on recent Protest in Poland

Abortion in Poland was legal during Communism and became illegal (with a few exceptions) after the political shift to democracy.

Since then, feminists have been active in resisting the abortion law but with little success in gaining public support or influencing legislation. This changed in 2016, when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in what became known as the Czarny Protest, or Black Protest. It was a victory for the feminist movement and came as a surprise, especially after a similar proposal in 2011 received almost no public attention and failed to mobilise even within the feminist movement. We talked to activists from the antirepression structure and the Anarchist Black Cross Warsaw about the recent protest, how it changed the last four years, which difficulties big protest face and how the state try to repress the protest.

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Autor: Black Rose Radio Collective

Radio: coloradio Datum: 08.11.2020

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