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Elephant in the room - International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

23.-30. September - International Week of Solidarity with Anarchsit Prisoners A new decade has started on this planet. With the rise of right-wing movements and the slow decline of social democracy, we are looking into coming years of intense struggle with the state and capitalism. There are already many anarchists sitting in prisons for taking on this fight—forgotten or ignored by liberals and human rights NGOs for “violent” actions. Quite often anarchists do get solidarity from parts of the society from which they are come. After all who can support one better than their own fellow humans trapped in the same misery of exploitation. However, we believe that responsibility for those facing repression in different parts of the world should not be only on the shoulders of local communities, but of international anarchist movements. Through our collective actions we can not only more widely diffuse the resources that are available, but also keep the fires burning in the chests of those imprisoned through autonomous revolutionary love and direct actions! Two anarchists from England and Belarus talking about their experiences with solidarity inside and outside the prison.

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