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Refugees, the Humanitarian Crisis in Bosnia, the Role of the IOM and the EU, and the Lack of Accountability. An Interview with Gorana Mlinarević | Untergrund-Blättle




Refugees, the Humanitarian Crisis in Bosnia, the Role of the IOM and the EU, and the Lack of Accountability. An Interview with Gorana Mlinarević

Since 2018 an estimated 50.000 refugees and migrants arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Most of these men, women and children came and come via Greece, trying to transit through Bosnia in order to get into Croatia and thus the EU. However, Croatia refuses to let them into the country. At the beginning in 2018, the situation was already catastrophic. In the border region in the North-West of Bosnia, around Bihać and Velika Kladuša, thousands of people lived in the fields, in makeshift ‘refugee centers’ and in squats under extremely poor humanitarian conditions. They did not have proper housing, food or medical support. Today, however, the situation appears to be even worse: the conditions in the camps have not improved, but more people arrived and arrive, and there is no possibility for legal access into Croatia. People who do nevertheless try to cross the border report that the Croatian police and border patrol uses extreme violence, illegally pushing refugees back to BiH. They are thus denied their basic human right to apply for asylum. On 5 April 2020, re(h)v(v)o(l)lte radio spoke about the situation of the refugees in BiH to feminist activist Gorana Mlinarević. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/14446988... https://transbalkanskasolidarnost.home.b... If you wish to make a donation to support the work of Bosnian activists, you can contact them via the contact-details on facebook or the website

Autor: re(h)v(v)o(l)lte radio / rehvollte.blogsport.eu

Radio: FSK Datum: 05.04.2020

Länge: 41:25 min. Bitrate: 130 kbit/s

Auflösung: Stereo (44100 kHz)

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