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Elephant in the room - repressions against anarchists in Russia and cooperation of liberals and nazis in Thuringen Germany | Podcast | Untergrund-Blättle




Elephant in the room - repressions against anarchists in Russia and cooperation of liberals and nazis in Thuringen Germany

Network case in Penza, Russia shocked a lot of people by sentences that can compete with those given to political opponents during Gulag times.

We are talking to Tanya one of the people behind solidarity campaign with prosecuted anarchists and antifascists in Russia about the sentencing and the role repressions and tortures played in anarchist movement in the country. In the second part of the show we talk with an anarchist from Thuringen, Germany on recent support of liberal party by extreme right AfD which helped liberals to get their candidate elected as minister president of the federal state. What are the anarchist perspective on this development in Germany and what anarchists should or should not do in this situation. Music - Порнофильмы - https://pornofilmy.bandcamp.com/

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Autor: Anarchistisches Netzwerk Dresden

Radio: coloradio Datum: 10.02.2020

Länge: 46:56 min. Bitrate: 224 kbit/s

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