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´Children don‘t start wars´ - Vortrag von David Gribble auf der EUDEC 2008 (Teil 2) | Untergrund-Blättle




´Children don‘t start wars´ - Vortrag von David Gribble auf der EUDEC 2008 (Teil 2)

´The purpose of this talk is to demonstrate that as we get older we not only hear and see less well and become physically and mentally less agile, but also become less good at making rational moral decisions. I shall show that our capacity for empathy begins to decline at the latest in early childhood, the suppression of altruism is taught at school and selfish conformity grows as we adapt to adult society. Children don‘t start wars, but adults do.´ David Gribble www.davidgribble.co.uk/

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Autor: mirko

Radio: RDL
Datum: 06.08.2008

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