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´Trillion´ (Rap von Rebel Diaz/Bronx, NY) über die Finanzkrise | Untergrund-Blättle






´Trillion´ (Rap von Rebel Diaz/Bronx, NY) über die Finanzkrise

Der Rap der Gruppe ´Rebel Diaz´ aus der New Yorker Bronx kursiert seit Kurzem im Internet, u.a.

auf Youtube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QQbRXaGsjM), hier eine MP3-Fassung über die Milliarden, mit denen Washington die gescheiterten Banker beglückt. Der Text erklärt das ´bailout´ besser als die gespreizten Mainstream-Zeitungsartikel - und ist mit einem einfachen Lexikon leicht zu übersetzen. “Wall Street tumbled again Monday”. (Schuss). “The Treasury Department has formally asked Congress to approve a $700 billion dollar bailout of the financial industry”. (Schuss) ”The Bush Administration proposal could be the largest government bailout of private industry in the nation’s history”. (Schuss) ”Some analysts say the final cost to taxpayers could top one trillion dollars”. One trillion dollars One trillion dollars Yeah A lot of people askin’ Is that really nine zeros? Nah, homie, that’s twelve A trillion A trillion A trillion Lot of speculations on the moneys they made Markets they played Pimpin’ the system ’cause they run the game They trades inside in the old boys network Money stays in as they build they net worth Ledges gets cooked The books get fixed And if it all falls down, in steps the government Oh you bailed out? Shit, no jailhouse? In my hood you flip currency you get charged with conspiracy Admittedly dog, all these numbers complicated Stocks and the bonds and the inside trading But I ain’t in over my head When I know we’re getting juiced How they ain’t throwin the book at them Wall Street crooks? Look, if I was to flip money that ain’t even exist Or get a loan on my home and not pay back that shit Interest would stack up Moving truck would back up And the repo man would pack everything up Stuck and wake up, about to lose it all And no one would come and save me with a trilly rewards A trillion A trillion Haha! A trillion That’s what they givin’ out nowadays, man A trillion Come on, look Lil’ Wayne making a mill Jay makin’ a bill But look who got the money, they loanin’ them trills This is hypocrisy on a monumental scale These the real crooks But we’re the ones in jail These conservative Republicans want the government out of their businesses when they makin’ money Yet when their greed puts them in a little fix They’re the first to call daddy Bush so he can bail them out quick The same dudes who made laws so they could trade without regulation is the brains behind McCain’s administration Now what you mean, who that? Let’s call up Phil Graham Or Alan Greenspan Or maybe we could start with the Enron collapse Or the S&L scandal right before that It’s not complicated, just do the math I have to inform, it’s part of my craft $85 billion to save AIG It could have gave us health care to fight HIV So they gave financial freedom to Charles Keating While we live a nightmare they was American dreamin’ making. A trillion A trillion A trillion Come on! As sure they set a premium Bankrupt the Brother’s Lehman Slap on the wrist, turn around and called it even But the deficit deepens They’re drowning in debt All their money’s spent So they print more of it Damn, it’s that easy to solve all our problems? Then how come in the hood we starvin’? Infuse some green backs into seeds that would lead us Instead of an illegal war overseas, man It’s war over oil War on the poor If you ain’t payin’ taxes you’re expendable Another soldier in the army of the unemployed So they could hire me for less if they fired my boy The strong rebuild, divide and conquer How they live with themselves and their moral conscious Their moral conscious is pulled by forces Sitting at the table eating extra portions Greedy notions Evil, deceitful inside the people Me, I’m on the side that resides within you Love and the honest, righteous thing to do I look forward to And prey these Wall Street types find the light If they don’t If we don’t fight Human kind won’t survive A trillion Yo! A trillion Look if you can’t oversee your need A trillion Or legislate away hate A trillion Then the sign of the times say that we A trillion In spiritual warfare… and that’s keeping it A trillion

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Autor: Max

Datum: 11.10.2008

Länge: 04:08 min. Bitrate: 128 kbit/s

Auflösung: Mono (44100 kHz)

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