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Open source through microsocieties

Open source through microsocieties DigiLab Open source through microsocieties This contribution follows sociological phenomena close to the philosophy of Open source (OS). It defines the events that have preceded and also those that coexist next to the process itself of free information sharing in digital world. Autonomous spaces of stated communities work mainly within their own stimulation of development. Digital subcultures and mainly OS communities are considered motors of innovations and designs of new forms and functions at this moment. Examples of civic disobediences, hactivism and piracy are always period juridical prism and are always presented more or less negatively. Is Open source in its presently known form another abnormality in the development of the society? To make it clearer, the author is going back into the history to find some local examples from the Middle Ages over the contemporary European separatistic enclaves up to the marketing approach of Creative Commons. http://www.datenspuren.de/2009/events/34...

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Autor: olaf

Radio: coloradio Datum: 03.10.2009

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