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Jingle bolognaburns! - Aktionen rund um Bologna-Gipfel in Wien 11. - 14. März 2010 | Untergrund-Blättle




Jingle bolognaburns! - Aktionen rund um Bologna-Gipfel in Wien 11. - 14. März 2010

Bolognaburns! - InformationsJingle rund um die Aktionswoche gegen den BolognaGipfel in Wien, Celebrating Bologna? We don't think so. Don't get the torches out just yet – this website has nothing to do with the Italian city and we certainly don't advocate setting it on fire. But Bologna isn't just a city, it's also the name of a European university reform process which has been wreaking havoc on higher education for the last ten years. On 11 and 12 March 2010 the education ministers of 46 countries want to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of said Bologna process in Vienna. They won't be alone – no party without us! We will disturb their celebrations with peaceful but load demonstrations and blockades in the streets of Vienna. In the following days there will be an alternative summit. Check out our plans for the week of action below! weitere infos auf bolognaburns.org

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Autor: bolognaburns!

Datum: 26.02.2010

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