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Fifth Day of the WSF 2011 in Dakar, Senega: The Assembly of the social movements celebrates the struggles in the world and expresses solidarity with the people in Tunesia and Egypt. | Untergrund-Blättle




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Fifth Day of the WSF 2011 in Dakar, Senega: The Assembly of the social movements celebrates the struggles in the world and expresses solidarity with the people in Tunesia and Egypt.

The assembly of the social movments presents the declaration of the WSF 2011. The athmosphere in the well attended assembly was militant and vibrant. The declaration reafirms the struggle against capitalism, patriarchy and racism. It declares the banks, transnational companies and international institutions responsible for the financial, food, environmental and social crises. It calls for a day of action on March 20 in solidarity with the people of the Arab world, for the cancellation of the depts and against structural adjustment programs.

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Autor: Bianca Miglioretto, AMARC

Radio: LoRaZH Datum: 11.02.2011

Länge: 11:08 min. Bitrate: 128 kbit/s

Auflösung: Stereo (44100 kHz)

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