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The last Day of the WSF 2011 in Dakar Part 2: The closing ceremony, a resume, perspectives and the importance of the WSF | Untergrund-Blättle




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The last Day of the WSF 2011 in Dakar Part 2: The closing ceremony, a resume, perspectives and the importance of the WSF

The 10 year old demands of the WSF are being echoed by the G20 but not implemented. Has the WSF lost its momentum? In Dakar important questions were raised: Migration, Diaspora and free movement. Reconlonialisation by land grabbing and exploitation of raw materials. The role of women in the new struggles for liberation. The WSF is still full of energy and beans.

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Autor: bianca Miglioretto, AMARC

Radio: LoRaZH
Datum: 02.03.2011

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