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Marx's Critical Theory of Capitalist Modernity Vortrag von Moishe Postone auf dem Re-Thinking Marx Kongress | Untergrund-Blättle






Marx's Critical Theory of Capitalist Modernity Vortrag von Moishe Postone auf dem Re-Thinking Marx Kongress

Vortrag: Marx's Critical Theory of Capitalist Modernity Der Vortrag wurde gehalten von Moishe Postone am 21.05.11 auf dem Re-Thinking Marx Kongress in Berlin Zur Person: Moishe Postone is Professor of History at the University of Chicago, where he is also part of the Committee on Jewish Studies.

His research interests include modern European intellectual history; social theory, especially critical theories of modernity; twentieth-century Germany; Anti-Semitism; and contemporary global transformations. He is editor of Bourdieu: Critical Perspectives and author of Time, Labor and Social Domination: A Reinterpretation of Marx's Critical Theory. He is also co-editor with Eric Santner of Catastrophe and Meaning: The Holocaust and the Twentieth Century. Among his German publications are Deutschland, die Linke und der Holocaust. Politische Interventionen (2005) and Nationalsozialismus und Antisemitismus. Ein theoretischer Versuch. In: Dan Diner (Hrsg.): Zivilisationsbruch. Denken nach Auschwitz (1988).

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