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Après le vote définitif de la loi sur le Mariage pour tous - bilan d’un débat mouvementé avec Act Up Paris | Untergrund-Blättle




Après le vote définitif de la loi sur le Mariage pour tous - bilan d’un débat mouvementé avec Act Up Paris

Interview in original version (French).

After approximately 6 months of virulent debates in and outside of the French Parliament it is finally done. The law on the „Marriage for Everybody“, which gives homosexual couples the right to marry and adopt children, has passed yesterday (23rd of April 2013) around 5pm in the 2nd lecture at the National Assembly, with a comfortable majority of 331:225. The last potential obstacle will be the decision of the Constitutional Council as regards the constitutionality of this law. Still this good news is nuanced by the virulent declarations and actions of opposants to this law that happened these last months. Protests against this law gathered several times hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Paris. Demonstrators first tried to present themselves as non-homophobic and moderate. But while the government showed determination for the „Marriage for Everybody“ and accelerated the legislative process in April, the speakers of the protests got more radical. They justified homophobic attacks and other threats in advance with declarations like „Hollande wants blood, he will get it“. Indeed, several Members of the French Parliament were put under pressure to vote against the draft law by means of death threats. A few days ago, the president of the National Assembly himself got a letter with gunpowder pressuring him to dismiss the vote on the draft law. Radio Dreyeckland talked with Aurélien Selle from the association Act Up Paris. Act Up Paris is primarily engaged against AIDS, but also strongly engaged against homophobia. We asked him first, which balance he draws from the last 6 months of debate on the „Marriage for Everybody“. The German translation can be heard as part of the Focus Europa Program of the 24.04.2013: http://freie-radios.net/54943 or as a single program: http://www.rdl.de/index.php?option=com_c...

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Radio: RDL Datum: 24.04.2013

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