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Radia FM #622 – Jubeltöne & Radio Unbroken

This months Radia programme #622 presents two radiopieces: Jubeltöne celebrates the joy to listen deeply to the individual stories of musical instruments: their exultation, their memories and their profound protest. A piece for two zithers contributed by the programme TINYA of Radio CORAX. Radio Unbroken is a songspiel for Radio Revolten made by Gregory Whitehead and Helen Hahmann. The songspiel uses fragments from the manifestos collected at Radio Revolten, a month-long radio arts festival, which took place in Halle, Germany in October 2016.  Radio Unbroken is composed from three “songs”: I     Lover in Revolt II    The Future of Radio is Dirty III   Radio Unbroken Link to the Radio Revolten Manifestos: http://radiorevolten.net/fm-for-culture-... Foto: Marcus-Andreas Mohr (http://marcus-andreas-mohr.de/Halle/radi...

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Autor: tinya.org

Radio: corax Datum: 05.03.2017

Länge: 28:00 min. Bitrate: 256 kbit/s

Auflösung: Stereo (44100 kHz)

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