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Zur Situation von Aktivistinnen in Saudi Arabien

Kommentar auf Englisch und Deutsch: On 2018, 24 June, Saudi arabia had left the Ban on women driving.

Few weeks before that, Saudi government arrested 18 women's rights activists. Those women didn't have the right to demonstrat in public space asking for their rights so they lunched a campain on the soical media by tweeting under hashtag #StopMalegrandship #StopinslavingSaudiwomen #womentodrive Those activist in Saudi arabia are still until right now in jail. they had dedicated their life to gaining basic women’s rights in their home country, focusing mainly on basic human rights such as lefting the women’s driving ban, male guardianship and domestic abuse. On March 1, Saudi public prosecution issued a statement referring to women activists arrested for undertaking “coordinated and organized activities… that aim to under-mine the Kingdom’s security, stability, and national unity” they will face charges and the prosecution is in the process of referring them for trial. On the other hand, Saudi government has created app which is provided by in Google store and Apple store. The app called Absher — an all-purpose app which Saudis use to interact with the state — offers features which allow Saudi men to grant and control travel permission for women, and to set up SMS alerts for when women use their passports. More big business siding with the #SaudiArabia's patriarchal regime. Such as Google or apple they has rejected the call to remove the app from its app store. The company told that the app to control women in Saudi arabia does not violate its terms of service. _ _ Frauen dürfen also jetzt Auto fahren in Saudi-Arabien. Die Aktivistinnen hinter der Kampagne für die Abschaffung des Autofahrverbots wurden alle ohne Prozess ins Gefängnis gesteckt. Die Regierung von Saudi-Arabien hat bekannt gegeben, dass die Aktivistinnen Landesverräterinnen und eine Bedrohnung des Staates sind. Was noch dazukommt: Es gibt seit Mai 2018 eine App, mit der die Männer in Saudi-Arabien ihre Frauen kontrollieren können. Auf Anfrage haben Google und Apple nun bekannt gegegben, dass es nicht ihre Nutzungsbedingungen verletzt. Wir leben wohl in einer Welt in der die Gewinnoptimierung über Frauenrechten steht.

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08.03.2019 - Kommentar auf Englisch und Deutsch; On 2018, 24 June, Saudi arabia had left the Ban on women driving. Few weeks before that, Saudi government arrested 18 ...

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