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Into those (rad) ropes! Its time! Spring 2020 - faq- antisexistischer Infoladen Antisexistischer Infoladen - Berlin | Untergrund-Blättle






Into those (rad) ropes! Its time! Spring 2020

a tying event for genderqueers, non-binaries, trans* and inter* people, lesbians and womyn* (Kinbaku/Shibari/Bondage) The rope seedlings are about to break through the surface. After long weeks of darkness in the ground. Its time to stretch for the light of the ropes again! Come! Gather! Long term rope lovers! Sweet beginners! Curious audience! We need you all to reach the sun and warmth of our hearts.These are non-sexual events without nudity. This time around we present a schedule for three months. So make sure to note all dates carefully in your agenda. There wont be a second reminder ;) This time around though, we will be without an actual schedule. The dates are pre set and the content we all make up together each time we are there together. Something for beginners and something for the experienced and some free space to jam around. Only prepared date will be the 23rd of march with the second edition of rope coven! See the extra invitation. Its an exchange on rope topping, but for all, people who tie, people who like to get tied, people who switch. Lets explore what moves our hearts and minds when we tie another person. Second half we will have time to jam. Saterday, 2nd may, 2-5pmMonday, 18th of may 2020, 7-10pm All events are single units, they don‘t built on each other. We ll start and close each of it together though, so they are not drop in and out events. But we prefer you coming late instead of not at all. There will be snacks. There are no hanging points yet. No registration needed. Just bring your friends. Also we want to ask all of you with rope to donate your old suspension ropes (ongoing request) to have rope for people who don‘t bring any (it will be kept separate to make sure its only used for floor work). Thank you! If you have any questions or want to meet a little earlier or need anything else to be able to come, you are very welcome to write an email! The space: the f.a.q. Infoshop in Neukölln, sometimes we ll share the location with other people (also cis-male), but we have our own room. It’s a ground floor, there is a ramp for the one stair and a wheel chair accessible toilet.Donation based 1-5 Euro. Please read our general invitation on the website as well: radropes.blogsport.deWrite to us here: ropes at riseup.net We cant wait to have you here!

Samstag, 2. Mai 2020 - 14:00

faq- antisexistischer Infoladen Antisexistischer Infoladen
Jonasstraße 40


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