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Critical Readings: David Harvey's Seventeeth Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (3) - Kampus Hybernská - Prague | Untergrund-Blättle






Critical Readings: David Harvey's Seventeeth Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (3)

In the Critical Readings we are currently reading David Harvey’s Seventeeth Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (2014) The book is a refreshing attempt to innovate Marxist theory, to move beyond the tired dogmatisms to construct a richer, more open theoretical approach. It is too an important book for activists seeking to craft a politics. What Harvey seeks in this work is a better understanding of the contradictions of capital, not of capitalism,  seeking to know how the economic engine of capitalism works the way it does, and why it might stutter and stall and sometimes appear to be on the verge of collapse. In this meeting we will present: Chapter 5 "Capital and Labour" (pages 62-69) Chapter 6 "Capital as Process or Thing?" (pages 70-78) Chapter 7 "The Contradictory Unity of Production and realisation" (pages 79-90) The text is available here: https://libgen.is/search.php?req=Seventeen+Contradictions+and+the+End+of+Capitalism+&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def It is not mandatory to read the previous or the proposed chapters of the book, but it is recommended to participate in the discussion.

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Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2020 - 19:00

Kampus Hybernská
Hybernská 998/4
11000 Prague
Tschechische Republik

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