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Filmscreening: The Commons, Reclaiming What Is Ours. - ACU - Utrecht | Untergrund-Blättle






Filmscreening: The Commons, Reclaiming What Is Ours.

The Commons: Reclaiming What Is Ours is about communities re-asserting  sustainable futures using consensus, equity and shared resources – ancient  Commons principles. In the face of increasing privatization and destruction of  commons, activists are re-awakening commons communities: maker spaces,  land trusts, cooperatives, local food production and distribution, shared housing, free education, community centers – all as Commoners stewarding what they  share. This filmscreening is organised by Ontgroei (Degrowth NL). After the movie, we will have a little discussion on how the practices shown in the movie are linked to the Degrowth ideology. Language: EnglishSubtitle: English (optional) About Degrowth Degrowth is a social movement and academic field that envisions pathways to a sustainable future. These pathways include a democratic and redistributive downscaling of the material size of the global economy, a measure that would allow societies to stay within the reproductive limits of ecosystems. Originated in the early 2000s, degrowth is now widely researched and practiced across Europe.

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Sonntag, 16. Februar 2020 - 20:30

Voorstraat 71


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