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Den solidarity s trans vězněnými

The 22 January is the International Day of Trans Prisoner Solidarity. We think it is a good opportunity to come together and learn about the incarceration of trans people in Czech republic. The goal of this event is to begin a collective discussion and reflexion about structural transphobia in the justice system. Criminalization and confinement are individualised in state discourse yet we think that this form of state violence should be politicised and faught collectively. Imprisonement isolates, humiliates, deprives, empoverishes, marginalizes. In addition, trans* people are subjected to specific forms of discrimination on the basis of their transidentity. This event aims at visibilising the voices of those who are being silenced and illegitimized. We have the collective responsibility of informing ourselves, resisting and reaching out to trans prisoners. The event will take the form of a discussion, workshop and movie projecting. We are hoping to get first hand witnesses to tell us about their experience of incarceration. Complete program is going to be published soon.This event will be in english and in czech FB event:facebook.com/events/s/den-solidarity-s-trans-vezneny/1050195028664161/

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Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2020 - 19:00

Řehořova 33/39
130003 Praha
Tschechische Republik

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