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TIN-Bar with open stage - Rummelplatz - Berlin | Untergrund-Blättle






TIN-Bar with open stage

This January we’ll bring you another open stage edition of the TIN-Bar. With the classic Tin-Bar features, amazing people, queer-playlists, coziness, dress-up corner and refreshments:), and hopefully some lovely performances. To shy to perform? Didn’t find the right place? Maybe our cosy living room atmosphere is the right surrounding to try it?;-) We want to invite people to perform, sing, read, promote your event/group or whatever else, on our small improvised stage. The stage is in the main room of the TIN-bar and the stage can fit. max.3 people.U can play unplugged or bring your own ampifier. We will set up just one mic. So write us a short mail or a DM if you already know you would like to perform. tin-bar@riseup.net. Of course we are also open for spontanous performances, in which case we will just need a bit of info from you before you go on stage. Let’s enjoy and celebrate each other. This evening is ours and the stage is for us, come perform or come and join a wonderful and supportive audience:)   ----------------------------------------------------------------- TIN-Bar is taking place every 3rd thursday of the month and is an event for trans*, inter*, non-binary people and others who dont define themselves as cis-gender, as well as ipso-gendered people - ONLY We wanna open a space to meet, exchange, connect, to discuss and listen, to network, to hang around, to build up support structures, etc. Every month there‘s a changing program of concerts, poetry evenings, films, swap-nights, open stage or other kind of input. The place is not far away from public transport. The rooms are at ground level, and there is an outdoor accesible dixie-toilet. The event will be smoke - and hardalc. free. We wanna encourage that we all help out in also making Tin-Bar a place that’s comfortable to go to on your own, to meet and connect with new people and places. Feel free to come and hangout and talk to the Tin-Bar organizing-crew, check out our zine collection, our gaming corner or write to tin-bar@riseup.net if u wanna take a bar-shift, help out with setting up, or just need more information.  

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Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2020 - 19:00

Gürtelstr. 26


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