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Space Invaders against Fascism


Space Invaders against Fascism
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The mural on Cable Street in London, dedicated to the Battle of Cable Street.
The Communist Party and the anti-fascist movementBattle of Cable Street


- Whitechapel in the 1930s was a melting pot of races and cultures, in the last quarter of the 18th century there was an influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Libertarian Library in Athene.
Every storm begins with a single raindrop…Libertarian Atheneon of Volos (Greece)


- The Libertarian Atheneon of Volos is a collective venture. Its foundation is the result of a long-term exchange of thoughts and reflections on the necessity of creating a social space in the city of Volos, a social space that will promote libertarian values and will be a pole of attraction and participation for those radically conscious.

Antifascism as weapon of counterinsurgency.
Arguments against the collaboration with the enemyAntifascism as weapon of counterinsurgency


- Switzerland is a picture-perfect mountain state in the centre of Europe. It is also a major imperialist center. Switzerland is an evil beast that is functioning as a major hub for the international trade of raw materials.

Britische Folk-Szene organisiert sich gegen Rechts: Folk Against Fascism

13.01.2010 - Gebauter Beitrag zum Thema: http://www.freie-radios.net/portal/admin... Hier: Interview Rohmaterial Die BNP (British National Party) ist aus ihrem Schattendasein herausgetreten.

Beitrag zu Folk Against Fascism

14.01.2010 - Gebauter Beitrag aus Rohmaterial von hier: http://www.freie-radios.net/portal/conte...

Dossier: Klimakrise
Smash Fascism

Aktueller Termin in Hamburg

Dear Future Children

Dear Future Children

Samstag, 3. Juni 2023 - 18:00 Uhr

3001 Kino, Schanzenstraße 75, 20357 Hamburg

Event in Berlin

FLINTA* Bar Abend @ Tristeza

Samstag, 3. Juni 2023
- 18:00 -


Pannierstraße 5

12047 Berlin

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