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Never again fascism Holocaust against Women


The Requirement: Solidarity between women means, that women don’t have to show up to the failures of other women! The Result: They don’t show up to anti-women behavior of women! This means, that women accept and etablise anti-woman behavior.

Children pledging to the flag.
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Bild: Children pledging to the flag. / PD

25. März 2000

25. Mär. 2000


2 min.

The Consistenzy: Women hate women more and more, because this is named solidarity, they have the feeling, that they have not only to accept anti-woman behavior of other women, but they have to defend anti-woman behavior. The Summary: Based on this required logical mistake in the last years not only more and more anti-woman behavior was etablised, but also hate between women has grown up greater and greater and every self-confidence of women was destroyed.

In a normal logical way solidarity between women means not only to show up to anti-woman behavior, which in any case also you have to name breaking of human rights, but also to fight against anti-woman behavior not only of men, but more important against anti-woman behavior of woman to guarantee solidarity between women.

Because the women lost this minimal-concession of solidarity between women they also break the pact of women, which is also named Law-Of ‘45-Pact, and actually no woman international seems to represent this pact: women gave up the ground-demands of this pact "Never Again Fashism, Never Again Rassism, Never Again Sexism", do women wan’t to leave the children in fashism, rassism and sexism?

The Reason: Since the unification of FDR and GDR german women together with the churches wanted to show the world what is the right woman for man and they educated women in the whole world to be a woman in the kind of german woman of second world war, so that the man everywhere can do with women whatever they want to do. The kind of slave she always was.

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