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The Future is Yesterday, Tomorrow and Now E - The Game


"E" is a game written by the Guerilla Press in order to raise funds. The game is set in a time in the future, when the survivors of the human race have become totally schizophrenic. In this future, the human race are travelling through space in one desperate last attempt at survival.

17. September 1999

17. 09. 1999

2 min.
But the odds are stacked against them. The human race is in desperate trouble, and are about to die. That is if they cant be helped by Icarus.

In this future, intelligent Insects are farmed for food, in a macabre near reality, where the food can think.

In the situation that this game is set in, the insects that were being farmed for food, have become mutated due to radiation leaks, and have taken control of all thinking computers via telepathy. The assignment given to your character is to find the lost expedition party of scientists that were sent to the Ark Project, Genisis I, and to rescue them from the evil of this insanity of mass bloodshed and death.

"e" is released on the 7/8/99 in order to raise funds for the propaganda campaign, run by ourselves, to further the cause of sexual liberation in revolution. Although not directly relevant, the game will eventually be programmed for E-Mail, and Play Testing is going ahead with a limited number of people for the period before the game rules are released.

Although the game will have no I.S.B.N., we are hoping that this will be the first Science Fiction role playing game that we will publish, and are looking for booksellers and distributors with political conscience to stock this book for the benefit of this resistance group.

For more Information, and for those interested in Play Testing, we ask people to contact the address above.

Rules ov e' will be available on the said date, and will cost £3.50 per copy, with a 33% discount on orders above tv. i ne nook is available through this address in any quantity, and all proceeds from Play Testing and sales will go straight back into the Guerilla Press to prove that the pen and the sword are mightier than the politics of the state.

Tim Thompson
c/o Lucy Scott-Moncrieff,
Signet House, 49-51 Farringdon Road,

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