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Every storm begins with a single raindrop… Libertarian Atheneon of Volos (Greece)


The Libertarian Atheneon of Volos is a collective venture.

Libertarian Library in Athene.
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Libertarian Library in Athene. Foto: pm

25. Februar 2020
4 min.
Its foundation is the result of a long-term exchange of thoughts and reflections on the necessity of creating a social space in the city of Volos, a social space that will promote libertarian values and will be a pole of attraction and participation for those radically conscious, all those who perceive the projects of self-organisation, equality, freedom and solidarity, as strategic points and by virtue of their substantive implementation, and not by their client-based pretext.

Through this collective process the founding assembly was formed by people who constitute the current management assembly of the Libertarian Atheneon of Volos.

It was recognised as a one-way path within the dystopian conjuncture, the organised function of a social space that by events, actions and public initiatives, will promote antiauthoritarian and antipatriarchal values.

It was unanimously decided that the space should be shaped and functioned in such a way in order to avoid any attempt to be either an alternative amusement area or a space of narcissistic self-confirmation of micro-hegemonies.

The function of the Atheneon is determined solely by its Management Assembly, which has the absolute responsibility to safeguard the space, regardless of the presence and collaboration of hosted collectives and other similar projects. The anti-hierarchical function of the Management Assembly is characterised by a libertarian framework of values with prefigured rules and procedures for resolving issues in order to promote collective spirit, mutual respect, solidarity and avoid the development and cultivation of sovereign and patriarchal attitudes and behavior.

As a result of this choice of values, we decided that both inside the Atheneon and its public events that will be organised in the future, those individuals who either as autonomous entities or as members of collectives, groups, assemblies, organisations and parties support beliefs, practices and behaviors that stand against to Atheneon’s prefigured constitution and operation rules are undesirable.

Based on this collective agreement, we decided unanimously that the space’s premises and activities would be safeguarded against any conscious or unconscious attempt to violate this commonly agreed framework of values, that is, any attempt, propaganda and/or enforcement of sovereign ideologies, nationalistic, racist, patriarchal beliefs and practices.

The only body responsible for the implementation of these decisions is the plenary assembly of the Management Assembly and the respective security groups it appoints.

At the Libertarian Atheneon of Volos a libertarian library and reading room operates by the library-group. Our activities include talkings and discussions, screenings, movies, book-fares, etc. In our Atheneon are accommodated so far a libertarian feminist collective, an anarchist collective, a libertarian youth collective, a group of studying on libertarian education and the library –group (responsible for the library’s function). More about these collectives you can find in our blog’s links.

The program is made public on the blog of the Atheneon and the media it chooses to use. (fb : libatheneonvolos)

So far the expenses of Libertarian Atheneon of Volos are covered by the contributions of Management Assembly members. To continue our political activities and enhance our Atheneon with more equipment (books, pamplefts, brochures, magazines etc. for our libertarian library, movie – projector, laptop etc.), and in addition to cover future and monthly expenses of Atheneon’s function, we decided to address to worldwide libertarian collective ventures, federations, Atheneons, libraries, etc. for contribution (at each venture’s potentiality). We want to continue to operate without compromising the value and political framework Libertarian Atheneon of Volos has established since its inception. We also wish to be in contact with worldwide libertarian ventures and exchange opinions, get informed on political activities etc.

If you wish to contribute financially to our collective venture by bank deposit our bank data is:


SWIFT-BIC : PIRBGRAA IBAN : GR44 0172 6100 0056 1009 7522 911

and please note the transfer as “donation”.

If you wish to contribute to our library our address is :

Libertarian Atheneon of Volos – 15 Antonopoulou str. –zip code: 38221 Volos, Greece.


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