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Sounds for a Hospital

Long white corridors, artifical light, clean design - Hospitals are known for a rather cold atmosphere. This is supposed to be different in a new children's hospital in Helsinki. When designing the hospital the architects also considered the soundscape of the place. They decided to create a special sound design to make the kids feel more comfortable at the hospital. This sound design was created by students of the masters program ’Sound in New Media’ at Aalto University and their lecturer Antti Ikonen. Radio Corax talked to him about the process of designing the sounds. You can listen to the sounds at: newchildrenshospital.aalto.fi

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Autor: ta

Radio: corax Datum: 05.06.2019

Länge: 10:39 min. Bitrate: 192 kbit/s

Auflösung: Stereo (44100 kHz)

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