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Ends and entries

Ends & Entries are 15 original sound pieces about Marseille, Liverpool, Gdańsk, Napoli, Istanbul. Why these cities? Big ports, of mixed population, with a long history, more open to the outside world than integrated to their own countries, industrial cities on decline that try their luck with culture and, notably, with European Capitals of Culture. They are all Cities on the edge. They are all Ends and Entries of Europe. :: ARTISTS :: AD&THEFILMTAXI, Arszyn, Roberto Paci Dalò, Chantal Dumas, Burcin Elmas, Olivier Féraud, Deniz Kologlu, Wojciech Kucharczyk aka The Complainer, Thomas Lippens, Laure Maternati, Vergil Sharkya’, Batur Sönmez, Soundbarrier, Chris Watson, Adam Witkowski :: LISTEN :: Already NOW on Podcast, one piece a day! Direct RSS feed: http://www.grenouille888.org/dyn/podcast... On air from 17 to 22 November at 5pm (local time) on Radio Grenouille, Marseille. ONLINE ARCHIVE(+INFO) at: http://www.grenouille888.org/dyn/spip.ph... :: RADIO PARTNERS :: Açik Radyo (Istanbul), Polskie Radio Gdańsk, BBC Radio Merseyside (Liverpool) + The RADIA Network: Resonance (London, UK), Rádio Zero (Lisboa, PT), SounDart Radio (Dartington, UK), free103point9 (New York City, USA), Radio Corax (Halle, DE), Radio X (Frankfurt, DE), Radio Campus (Brussels, BE), Orange (Vienna, AT) + Radio Afera (Poznan, PL), Unisound Webradio (Bari, IT) Ends & Entries is a project by Radio Grenouille, in the frame of its residency at Liverpool'08 invited by Quarantine. More info at: http://grenouille888.org/dyn/spip.php?ru...

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Autor: Radio Grenouille
Radio: corax
Datum: 11.11.2008

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