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Is Marx (Capital) Secular? Vortrag von Wendy Brown vom Re-thinking Marx Kongress | Untergrund-Blättle

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Is Marx (Capital) Secular? Vortrag von Wendy Brown vom Re-thinking Marx Kongress

Vortrag: Is Marx (Capital) Secular? Gehalten von Wendy Brown auf dem Re-Thinking Marx Kongress am 20.05.11 in Berlin Zur Person: Wendy Brown is Heller Professor of Political Science at the University of California at Berkeley. Her fields of interest include the history of political theory, nineteenth and twentieth century Continental theory, critical theory, and cultural theory (including feminist theory, critical race theory, and postcolonial theory). Brown's current work focuses on the relationship of political sovereignty to global capital and other transnational forces, including those associated with religion, law, culture and moral discourse. Brown's books include Manhood and Politics: A Feminist Reading in Political Theory (1988), States of Injury: Power and Freedom in Late Modernity (1995), Politics Out of History (2001), Left Legalism/Left Critique, co-edited with Janet Halley (2002), Edgework: Critical Essays in Knowledge and Politics (2005), Regulating Aversion: Tolerance in the Age of Identity and Empire (2006), Is Critique Secular? co-authored with Talal Asad, Judith Butler and Saba Mahmood (2009) and Walled States, Waning Sovereignty (2010).

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Radio: FSK
Datum: 06.06.2011

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