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Interview on the judiciary, prisons and ´Occupy´ in the US | Untergrund-Blättle

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Interview on the judiciary, prisons and ´Occupy´ in the US

In June 2012 we met Sarah and Aron from Richmond, Virginia in Berlin and talked about the impacts of the occupy movement, police brutality and repression within US society. Court reality and the immense amounts of money necessary to defend oneselve when charged with a crime means that the majority of accused don't have civil rights in the US anymore. Plea bargains have replaced prove or the finding of truth. Driving factor for this is a modern form of slavery, where state and privately run prisons get to exploit a huge amount of prisoners. But the occupy movement has brought more awareness of this into the breaking middle class. While police brutality and an absence of legal equality have long been the reality for the excluded parts of US society who are mainly People Of Color, now more white middle class is treated the same way. While fighting to maintain their living standards they grow to realise the brutal structure of US society and new links are formed between different communities. The conversation was taped at an open outside space next to a river so there are a few sound shortcomings. As soon as possible we will publish anoter version with german voiceovers.

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Autor: Radio Aktiv
Radio: Radio Aktiv Berlin
Datum: 15.06.2012

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