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Situation der iranischen Frauenbewegung

In Berlin is part of Women strike demonstration as well called #Osyan movement which is a movement made by the iranian women. Asyan is a Persian word and it means revolution. This movement is an open call for all women who are fighting against women's oppression and patriarchy globally.. . Its open call from the underground women activist in Iran which they asked for international solidarity with the struggle of women against 40 years of forced Hijab in Iran (The hijab is typically a scarf that covers the hair and neck and its a mandatory dress code for women by the sharia law in Iran ).This year marks the 40th anniversary of iranian women uprising against the Islamic regime’s. To know more about this movement we had an interview with Rosa to tell us more about it.

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Autor: 8. März 2019 Redaktion

Radio: Radio F.R.E.I.
Datum: 08.03.2019

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