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An interview with the Marxist-Humanist Initiative about the extraordinary dangers of Trump and Trumpism

Two days after the US presidential elections we talked to Andrew Kliman and Anne Jaclard from the Marxist-Humanist Initiative from the United States.

The MHI published an editorial, in which they pointed out, why they think the radical left in the US has to oppose Trump's campaign clearly and why some parts of the left don't do that decisive enough. We talked to them about the campaign and about Trump's upcoming presidential years and about the dangers, especially about his attacks on women's right, black people's rights and rights of other minorities. They point out, that anti-americanism is a point, where some left wingers meet with Trump's position. This sound quite contradictory at the first, but the support for authoritarian politicians and a hatred on the so called ’Western values’ is a common thing. We talk about what has to be expected after Trump moves into White House and about a strategy of a radical left to oppose it. In Europe we will also have to think about strategies against right wing parties, when we look at Poland, Austria, Germany, France and Hungary, the UK and the threat of an ’Internationale of the Right’ We found the MHI some years ago, when they published an editorial on the dangers of leftwing antisemitism and since then sometimes had a look on their website and are quite glad, it was possible to make an interview. We are sorry, that the audio quality isn't that good, but the easiest and less expensive way to do the interview was via SkyPe. You can read the editorial about anti-semitism here: http://www.marxisthumanistinitiative.org... And the editorial about Trump's campaign here: http://www.marxisthumanistinitiative.org...

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