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WE ARE HERE - radioshow - machmur and different ´human rights´ towards cititzen and non citizen in european countries | Untergrund-Blättle



WE ARE HERE - radioshow - machmur and different ´human rights´ towards cititzen and non citizen in european countries

WE ARE HERE is a radioshow being broadcasted every 2 weeks on mondays on Coloradio (99.3 / 98.4) at 9pm. We are here, a radiowhow where we discuss racism, politics and migration, here and everywhere. Are you aware of the double standards governments put on citizens and non- citizens? Basic principals like freedom and work for fair wages are not applied equally to the people around us. Depending on their legal status people are getting treated very differently. In this show we will get insight in the social struggle and political views in machmur, a city which was never ´legal´. Also we discuss the paradoxon of different ´human rights´ towards cititzen and non citizen in european countries. www.black-rose.xyz www.coloradio.org https://mobile.twitter.com/black_rose_dd black-rose@systemli.org

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Autor: black rose

Radio: coloradio
Datum: 16.03.2017

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